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Are you interested in weight based irrigation control. Read about our trials here.

Trying to work out how to do something? Try the Nursery Logic program online help file. Select Help in the Nursery Logic program from the top of screen menu bar or press F1.

The Programming Guide is also available through this menu.

This web page is steadily growing and will continue to offer solutions and advice on irrigation control. If you can't find it here then give us a call; Teven Logic, Chris ph.(02) 6628 6988.

Support Documents

Can I find out any information from when my computer was not turned off?
Decoder Serial Numbers - Help Guide
Does my computer need to located near my main nursery irrigation control units?
Do I need skilled technicians to install this system?
Do I need special wiring or solenoid valves to run this system?
Do I need to run my computer for the system to operate?
Electrical interference - is it a problem?
How many valves will the system operate?
If network systems are so great why aren't we all using them?
Input device configuration notes
Installing a 4-20mA decoder
Installing a new Nursery Logic system
Installing a Nursery Logic Upgrade
Installing a T100 Temperature Probe
Installing earth lightning leakage protection
Main network terminal box example 6mm2
Nursery Logic product specification - Detailed
Nursery Logic product specification - General
Programming guide
Programming pump start logic
Rate of Change Mass Scheduling
Replacement of serial to USB HVOI cable
Retrofit Nursery Logic to a standard control system
Teven Logic - never heard of them - will their stuff work?
We do not use a computer in the nursery - can I still run it?
What do I do if I need to add more valves later?
What is an INPUT and why do I need them?
What is a power + data, 2 wire irrigation network?
What use is a process alarm?
Where can I get help?
Why would I use an encoder system if I am just replacing my existing controller?
Will this system be a problem in lightning storms?
Wiring connections - DE04-05D decoder
Wiring connections - DE41-000-110 decoder
Wiring connections - DE41-000 decoder
Wiring connections - DE42-24D decoder
Wiring connections - DE42-24D decoder
Wiring connections - FM101 decoder
Wiring guide
Wiring Installation - a practical guide