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Water Management Solutions

Product Overview - Nursery Logic control system

The Nursery Logic system is an integrated irrigation control and data acquisition optimised specifically for production nursery and
irrigation sites.

All the system power and control signals run on a standard
24VAC 2 wire system. Data is also transferred to and from
the field devices and the controller. This means the wires
which would normally be used to turn a single solenoid valve on/off
can now control multiple valves and also retrieve data from input

These input devices may read information such temperature, moisture,
water levels, water pressure, humidity or operator inputs such as push buttons and knobs.

To utilise the flexibility of the data network, we have used a PC interface which
gives user friendly configuration and graphical status displays. The actual control
tasks are done by the dedicated microprocessor controller which is independent
to the PC for greater reliability. Once configured, the system will continue to
run if the PC is turned on or not.

The controller has built in functions which can do simple time based watering sequences
through to more complex input dependent processed. It is capable of performing many complex site control functions such as controlling:

  • time based sequential sprinkler watering
  • pump/valve sequence for tank filling and batching
  • watering sequences terminated by moisture probes
  • misting operations
  • hothouse climate control
  • flood bed control
  • boom spray control
  • filter flushing sequences
  • basic site security monitoring
  • CNL dripper pulse watering
  • Percent control durations, water budgeting etc....

The controller has the power of an industrial controller but is
very intuitive to configure.